Writer Highlight Featuring: Ronnel Padua












These bridges are founded by men

who worked tirelessly under

their escaping sweat that caught fire,

and the scorching felt of the sun.


These men are founded, by bridges

who took the time at it’s hand, and shared

the weight, the burden, the life

carried by these men.


I wouldn’t burn these bridges,

nor even get near to hear it’s groan every night

for every creak and slit, it speaks, and it spits.


i remember the bridge because of those men,

but forgot who found each of them first.

and i forgot who walks there every night

To hear, to listen, and to capture..

the sounds behind, made by the hands

of the men who found the bridge.


© Ronnel Padua

Response to our Inspiration Call on February 13, 2017



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Photo credit: © pixabay.com

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