Featured Writer: John Walker

Memories of Blue


Have I found a place called home

Do I find it here with you

Can my heart no longer roam

Through memories of blue

Can I rest inside your fire

Will this shelter keep me warm

Can I sleep when I am tired

Will this home keep me from harm

Are your storms away outside

Are the nights made safe for you

Does your soul rest here inside

From memories of blue

Does your heart cry out for peace

Is desire deep and true

When the night brings us release

Do you glow when we are through

Can we build a place to stay

Can we keep it clean and free

Is there fresh air everyday

Like wind caressed by sea

Is this home an ancient place

Set waiting for us new

Can we live without a trace

From memories of blue


© John Walker 2017

win_20170115_11_42_04_pro About the Author

Hi!  Johnny Walker here.  In writing I go by John Walker.  I’m 61 years old and live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.  I write poetry, short stories and I am currently working on a novel (or trying to I should say).  My work is simple and easily understood……’fraid I ain’t all that deep, but I hope people enjoy them nonetheless.

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