New Life – Author Tracy Seiden

Eyes closed she sways to the rhythm of the wind through the trees. Surrounded by darkness in the blackest part of night, she walks with intuition sensing she is not alone. Lost and wandering in the maze of her overworked mind, she’s glimpsed a life full of light just beyond her fears.

Deep inside where emotions and logic collide, spilling the contents of her wounded but hopeful heart, she knows now where the monsters hide.

A phantom caress brushes its soft fingertips through her hair bringing a small smile as she drifts once more into the arms of her personal demon. His warm embrace whispers the old comforts. Stay, it’s safe here, the pain is familiar.

But this time she knows its last call as the night brightens on its way toward the dawn. As the light dulls his power she whispers she never turning back as she slips his grasp at last and feels the first full rays of her new life.

© Tracy Seiden

Excerpt from the book “Stardust and Fire – Tales of a Hopeful Romantic”

Stardust and Fire

About the Author

Tracy Seiden lives in Texas.  She works in disaster assistance helping others regain their homes after disasters such as flooding and hurricanes.  Her desire is to retire to live in a cabin by the water somewhere, able to look out over the water and write.

Her first book, Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic was published in November of 2015 and has received excellent reviews and won the honorable award at Readers Favorite.  Tracy’s second book of poems delves deeper into thoughts of love and loss.

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