A Warrior – Author Hrishikesh Padhye


What is the beauty of fighting in any war without blows and counter-blows?


Bearing the deepest wound with the biggest smile,

with the rampaging radiance,

a valor never sheds tears

but only shoots out the fiery embers…


Where is that light of life that hasn’t died out?


Someday I will arrive at the jaws of end,

still in the course of duty,

I am willing to attain the martyrdom,

Everyone loves living with joy

But if I swerve from the responsibilities . . .


Won’t life castigate me?


He is dead,

Whose glory is dead; set forth for every crusade,

I am; outcome would be victory anyway…


Living with dignity, earth would praise me,

Dying for honor, earth would embrace me…


I am the warrior; Triumph is in blood in sweat, and in tears.


© Hrishikesh Padhye

Echoes And Consequences Cover-page-0

Excerpt from the book “Echoes And Consequences”


About the Author

I am Hrishikesh, I am a student of third year, pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in the Civil Engineering Branch of Government Engineering College, here in Jabalpur India. I believe in living with passion and dedication in whatever I do. I believe that art gives us inner happiness and a unique identity, it heals the wounds of torments on the heart of an individual who cherishes it. I do painting, Writing in different languages, Meditation and cooking for my spiritual well-being. I love to help people, I consider it as one of the prime objectives of my life. I like teaching too, and am obsessed with the mathematics subject. I am strict on myself and others, but never against the humanities.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/hrishikesh-padhye.ht

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