Meet A Few Poets

ab7bfc8ec81364f06928eb0ea8e66887Creative Talents Unleashed is growing a little more each month. With 31 authors and so many books published, we are making dreams come true for writers who never thought they would be seeing their own book in print. They are wonderful talents and a just ordinary people living ordinary lives, but each one has a unique story to tell through poetry.

ADAM LEVON BROWN was born to life of poverty, living on food stamps and section 8 housing with two mentally/physically disabled parents. He is a poet and blogger living in Eugene, Oregon.

This is a snippet of what others say about his work:

d7fe755a3ea5424beadd3f08bfc0e5d2Is Madness Really Humanity poking it’s head through a mountain of oppression?

I am not a poetry writer, I write self help and non fiction and satire, yet this book absolutely fascinates me. Adam does something amazing here – this book at first comes across as random pieces in different styles. But there is a common thread here, the madness of which Adam speaks is a collective madness – the reflections of a world and society gone insane. His poem “Bird Song” is my favorite and in a way, sums up this common thread of which I speak. Humanity poking it’s head through a mountain of oppression…

– Ed Osworth “The Joy Professor” TOP 1000 REVIEWER

db8a9960b5c5f88bad8126f81e5eb612New author LYNE BERINGER has lived in Alaska for almost twenty years. She works in the aviation industry and is an amateur photographer. Her first poetry collection Alaskan Vogue: Poetry from the Land of Ice and Shadows was released this weekend. She documents her life and experiences in her poetry collection, describing the contents within as: “…the thoughts of a woman who showed up as a girl and has spent years in and out of relationships of the heart, all while hauling water, changing tires, and building her own fires to keep the cold at bay.”


JODY AUSTIN has an impressive resume on top of her poetic compositions. She is a nurse, a retired veteran and heavily involved in community service. Her poetic influence came from her mother, who read her the work of many poets for bedtime stories. She is also a musician, and participates in open mics and spoken word events. Jody’s intent is to use her poetry to spread a positive message to all.

You may not connect to them all, but there may be a poet on the list who really touches your soul, or one you can relate to. Show your appreciation by extending them a kind word on their poetry site, purchase their book, or leave a review for their work. It takes a lot of courage and hard work for a poet to share their work with the rest of the world, so any kind of support can make their day. They are just people like you and me, struggling to make it through this life.

Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, and Devour Me.

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