Writer Highlight Featuring: Mark Heathcote

© Copyright 2015 Corbis Corporation

The Imaginary Joys of Childhood

Let us make a tree house in this here oak
Let it be seven foot square and bespoke
Let us gather and chop down the wood
Let us fill the gaps with straw and mud immured
Let there be a window to the south and west
Let there be a little put me up bed for our rest
Let me be your Tarzan and you be my Jane
Let us toast our happiness together with cheap champagne
Let us give up tawdry school work and toil
Let us build a new life, farm and till the soil
Let us hideout in the woods and learn the language of rooks
Let us catch fish by bending your hairpins into hooks
Let us live one day at a time full of living, full of gifts
Let us marry here and know ourselves that our God exists.

© 2016 Mark Heathcote

Response to our Inspiration Call on March 14th 2016


Photo Credit: © Oleh Slobodeniuk/Corbis


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