Galactic Love – Author Adam Levon Brown

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 My love for you shines like a star’s light

and when it supernovas, my love for you

spreads across the universe, touching

the deepest reaches of the cosmos

It spans forever through every galaxy

The light shining on your face is symbolic

of the sun, and like the sun you are required  to keep

 me moving from day to day

Without you, I am like the moon,

a cold, desolate rock, waiting every day

for you, the sun, to shine your healing

light upon my hardened form

My time without you is like all of creation

waiting for the big bang, to live

You quench my heart’s thirst

like the falling rain quenches

the trees of this planet

And like the trees without water,

my heart cannot grow without

your love

© Adam Levon Brown

Cadence Cover

Excerpt from the book “Cadence of Cupid”

Adam Brown

Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is a Poet, Author and Blogger residing in Eugene, Oregon. He grew up in a poor neighborhood living in a small apartment with the best parents imaginable. He suffers from Schizoaffective disorder and Identifies as Queer. He writes on many topics including socially/globally conscious lyrics, personal recovery poems, and the subject of philosophy.

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