Losing Hope – Author Raja Williams

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I was praying . . .

Did you not hear me?

I spoke my prayers both out loud and in silence
Waiting for miracles to be handed my way because I deserve them
Wanting proof that an all mighty power does exist and hears me

I waited for a sign . . .

I Prayed
I Hoped

But you did not hear me!
You were not listening!
And now my faith has been shattered

What happens when we lose hope?

The world becomes a little dimmer
We become heavier in spirit
And sadness encompasses our soul

Until the day we remember
Hope is all we have
And love is all there is

So why not, have hope?

© Raja Williams

Excerpt from the book “Imprints In The Sand”

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Poem Insight: I wrote this poem after being awoken in the middle of the night from the cries of my sons fiancé. She was pregnant with my Grandchild, and her body was rejecting the baby. Her tears flowed, and she prayed to a God she had never spoke to before in hopes he would hear her and save her unborn child. Her cries and prayers went unanswered, and she lost the baby.

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