Shackles of Negative Thoughts – Author Hrishikesh Padhye

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation

Disbelief in the inner-self,
Impurity in enthusiasm
Inconsistency in proceedings
And uncertainty in the belief

It is simple
to realize
that every false
word or deed
is a blemish and a blot
on the soul…

It is simple even-more to know
such action
hurts the humility
that projects pain
onto others…

As humans
we can act
in the awareness
of sunlight,
and Sensitively…

We are here to live to the fullest,
We are here to shine in ecstasy,
We are here to be human,
We are here to prevent ourselves . . .

From being shackled in negative thoughts

© Hrishikesh Padhye

Excerpt from the book “Echoes And Consequences”

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Photo Credit: © Mike Kemp/Rubberball/Corbis

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