Writer Highlight Featuring: Dagu Shangevlumun


Papa’s Approval

I stood by the door,
An old fear pulling me back,
A stray…is finally home!
A lantern illuminates papa’s room
with great prejudice;
Its anemic glimmer
a reminder of papa’s once grim eyes.
“Welcome home, my boy!”,
A lion roared
And a bear whisked me up,
My shoulder bathed in hot tears.
I am in Van Winkle’s world!
I gazed into the glints above me,
Straining to remember
Such smiles as now;
I remember, sadly, only his frowns
His growls like a dog on guard.
“Fight back!”, he’d bark,
When I returned the other cheek.

I was a felon,
Drown beneath my tears
For papa’s approval.
Time and space, had thought papa well!

© Copyright, Dagu Shangevlumun 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on July 24, 2015

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