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Couple Arguing at Home

Inspiration Call: Life is about relationships. As with everything in life, all relationships end for various reasons. Think about a relationship that you valued that has ended—a friend, a lover, a family member. Write a poem that encapsulates your sense of loss and appreciation and how this particular person impacted your life. The power of poetry transcends everything that ends.

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  1. Evening Shadows

    To embracing endings and memories . . .

    Evening shadows cast on dampened moonlit shores,
    Memories echo wistfully as the heat of the night pulses,
    Reflecting two silhouettes embracing love’s rapport ~
    Reaching out to harbor corals of time washing away

    A patch of inclement weather clouds bonds of devotion,
    The paradise once shared sparks visible signs of risk ~
    Currents of high winds churn deep, vulnerable emotion
    Clutching breathlessly while blown in separate directions

    Life takes on atmosphere of unquiet, spirits tremble,
    Reaching out to touch and remember one another again
    As the sun shines bright in opposite worlds they assemble ~
    Whispering fresh unsung songs of joy and happiness

    © Suzy


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