Writing Tip: Expand Your Vocabulary


Writing Tip: Expand Your Vocabulary

I enjoy writing from life experience. Frankly, because it’s easiest and familiar. I enjoy telling stories through poetry, painting pictures with a complexity of words. But sometimes I run out of stories referenced from life experience. So I write down one good phrase or sentence I can think of and build from there. And in a way the story begins to build itself.

I encourage you to try this as an exercise. If you draw a blank, watch the news, a movie, read something. When you come across something that sounds clever, whether it be a phrase or a few words that sound clever. Use it. Build on it and see where the story takes you. I find this is a great way to get something started when you have a writer’s block kind of day. Sometimes you need just a little push in the right direction. Words are to share and be borrowed. Take a small phrase and make it a masterpiece.

I also enjoy finding new words and combining multiple syllables that rhyme and flow to extend my vocabulary and creativity. I find the finer the flow the more the imagery presents itself.

Anyway, just a little dabble of advice. Paint a picture with your words.

Happy writing,

-Riley Neault

A.K.A. Scribbles Daily

* Riley Neault doesn’t write for a living but loves to write. Having grown up in several towns and cities throughout the province of Manitoba. Manitoba is one of the prairie provinces in Canada. Cold, flat, boring…some words that would best describe the area for most. For me it was quite an adventure, with changing locations/fleeing situations.

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