XII, A Dream of Passion

Path To Serenity

Excerpt from “Path To Serenity” by Author Isaiah Barber

XII, A Dream of Passion

I’ve always believed that someday
I would find a love honest and true
Wanted to believe I’d find it someday
Longed for the day we said I do

This dream shall follow
Wherever I go
Then it becomes a shadow
Wherever I go

Tis a beautiful dream
My wonderful stream
Then darkness devours
My now shattered dream

I crawl on all four
Search for the pieces
This brokenness inside
This is what I’m fighting for

I love to love
I love to give
I love to share
I love to be me
I love to abhor
I love to live
I love to write
This is a fight

This is my dream
And I’d be damned
If I gave up this fight
A dream of passion…

My dream of love
For that dove

© Isaiah Barber

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