American Gangster

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes American Gangster Flossing and profiling with their shiny suits Smooth operators selling strange fruits Armed with lawyers and a thick wallet To vast real estate properties and a sexy starlet Pinky and… Read More ›

Romance Fever

Excerpt from “Echoes And Consequences” Romance Fever One full moon night your pristine innocence, Was glistened even more by your moon-lit presence The late-night breeze was flirting all around us, My sleepy eye-lids were dreaming of your ravishing tresses. You,… Read More ›

Coded Language

Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes Coded Language Simply misunderstanding Classified and labeling through self-branding This for this, that for that 24 hr. surveillance on where your head at Clearance sale on your information Filed under a G-14… Read More ›

Oklahoma Sunset

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root Oklahoma Sunset Round about supper time In the plains of Oklahoma Sittin on the front porch you’ll find The sun sinking over Lahoma If you watch for a little while You’ll… Read More ›

~ Night Eagle ~

Night Eagle Grandfather, Why do you call the owl night eagle? It does not look like eagles I know. Grandfather, it is an owl! For a moment, I thought grandfather finally lost his mind That he had become confused, Could… Read More ›