Inspiration Call: Facing Fear

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Inspiration Call: Write a poem story about someone who decides to confront their fears head-on.

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  1. Overcoming Fear of Dogs

    overcoming my fears
    of dogs
    took decades
    and two dogs
    to accomplish

    when I was a lad
    a dog bit me
    and I was terrified
    of dogs ever since then

    and became a cat person
    preferring the alien company
    of cats
    to the human like company
    of man’s best friend

    years later
    I ate dog meat
    and dogs knew it
    seeing me
    as their enemy

    then I had a dog
    Jason the beagle
    who saved my soul
    when I was most
    in need of saving

    and Jason taught me
    the true value
    of human dog friendship
    and I no longer desired
    to eat dog meat

    becoming friends at last
    with dogs
    learning how to deal
    with my fears


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