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Inspiration Call: Write a poem or story based on the song title: “With A Little Help From My Friends”

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  1. We might not practice the motto “All for one, and one for all,” as such practices are philosophically tall. But when we look past those things we call differences, we can more fully appreciate our universal similarities. This poem suggests the world’s strife can more easily be managed when we choose to stand together for humanity.

    Title: Together

    You are my brother
    and i, your sister
    yet we live in countries
    where culture consistently divides.

    Separated by miles of unfair gain
    opportunity is rolled by political dice
    you live in a brick house
    while my mud hut
    … melts in the rain.

    What isolated scale of justice
    tells me my fate
    and who it is that I should hate?

    Our philosophies might not blend
    but its our mutual respect
    and humanity’s name
    that gives us the chance
    of inequality to mend.

    © 2019 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved


  2. Will You Love Me

    Will you hate me if I write a bad poem,
    if my words cannot find a home?
    If I’m pushed from the in crowd,
    to the sidelines,
    where my paper smile
    gets tossed into the trash?
    Or will you love me,
    when my pen is silent,
    when my looks dim,
    and my enthusiasm wanes?
    Will you love me into old age?
    Will you love me
    if there’s nothing going for me
    but my pulsating heart?


  3. Friends

    They say a friend
    in need is a friend indeed

    and I have had
    a few of those
    over the years

    but the best friend
    of all
    in the entire universe

    is you my love
    my wife
    and my eternal bride

    and we will be friends
    forever to the ends
    of time


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