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Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Change

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

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  1. Temporal Vision

    How my image is limited;
    belying all that dwells behind
    my eyes, my trembling mouth,
    my transitioning physicality.

    Ah, it is but a shadow that
    houses my formation; the
    initial indoctrination which I
    dispel with my own truths

    Yes, it has served me well,
    my blessed vehicle that kept
    me bound to this earth, my
    feet entrenched with humanity

    I see this child/woman looking
    back at me; somedays intimate, then we are distant strangers.
    Within, I am partially gone.

    The form I will take when I
    return to the ethers, will never
    be again, this temporal vision
    held in within slivered glass.

    © Brenda-Lee Ranta 2019


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