Inspiration Call: – Unsent Letters


Inspiration Call: – Unsent Letters – The purpose of the unsent letter is to discover what impetus motivated it – which you may not know at the beginning – and decide what you need to do next, having discovered the impetus. You may, for example, need to change some aspect of your active life. You may decide to use the unsent letter as the basis for a letter that you do send. You may discover unsent letters are excellent ways to finish business with people and events that are no longer a part of your life.

Write an unsent letter – You don’t need to know everything you’re going to say. Allow the letter to ramble and develop in your usual style.

Writing tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest By: Christina Baldwin

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Dear Older Self,

    If you are reading these lines,
    Then that time, has indeed, arrived.
    How I had wanted to delay its coming,
    But time’s flow wasn’t kind to my asking.

    Hope you’re enjoying your table’s spread:
    Fruits of all those nadir and heydays.
    And the colourful museum, memento-filled
    With the black and white of the jazzy life lived.

    Are your days filled with lots of laughter,
    And nights lit by a moon much brighter?
    Please revel in those showers of blessings:
    Our river of tears that flowed in passing.

    Sorry I have to pen-off here, older self dear,
    There are lots to be done in this life now here.
    For soon, day will be done and night will come;
    I can’t afford to dilly dally, until the goal is won.

    Until then, yours always,
    Your Younger Self.

    © Sarote Erasito


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