The Opening by Dah


In this world the harmless

should breed more

and those who harm

should be reduced


The sound of the word harm

is Hate

a hammering verb

with firm syllabic thuds

or ‘d’ for destruction


Those who harm go mad

trying to tweak the world to their beliefs


their minds are gunfire

their actions are bullets

their Hate, a self-induced indignity


There is only so much harm

that can be done before

the World’s heart implodes


As for the condition of Harmless

while pressing your lips against Love

follow the opening to Live and Let Live


© Dah

The Opening

Excerpt from The Opening

$13.95 Plus Shipping – Available at CTU Publishing Group and

DahAbout the Author

A prolific writer and an awarding-winning photographer, Dah has been writing poetry for many years, and according to himself, he has not reached the degree of writing that he knows exists somewhere in his mind. Dah is working on his next collection of poetry.

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