Winter Dreams by Daryl P. Hall


As the temperate climes of Autumn

Give way to Winter’s chill,

Where the endless days of seasons past

They have us longing still.

My mind begins to wander

As my thoughts begin to stream,

In the silence of my reverie,

From the depths I start to dream.


In my dreams we walk together

Beneath the lamplight’s dusky glow,

Each measured step in unison

Upon freshly fallen snow.

As we walk together,

As our breath hangs in the air,

It seems the perfect backdrop

As hopes and dreams we start to share.


In my dreams we lie together,

Two minds in tune as one,

In sweet repose contentedly

We don’t crave the Summer sun.

And as we dream together

Of all the Winters we will spend,

I’m so afraid of waking

Because I fear the dream will end.


© Daryl P. Hall

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Daryl HallAbout the Author

Daryl P. Hall was born in 1963 in the historic city of Worcester, United Kingdom. He always had a love for words, especially the written word; as a youngster he devoured books. He started writing poetry and lyrics in his mid-teens, as an expression of his sensitive soul.

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