The Desert by Billy Charles Root


I walk alone in this desert

The desolate woe-asis of my mind

Starving to hear your voice in the wind

Dying to leave the world behind


The sandbars and dunes block my view

The desert scape changes with time

The parchment of this soul increases

The loneliness alone reminds


My souls and crown now scorched

In the heat of the sun from up till down

I thirst for life of word in strife

In this hour glass sand, I drown


Will the rain ever come my way

Are there no mourning dewdrop tears

No wetting of my tongue

No drying out of my fears


A mirage of nothing rests in my sight

Yet sing I songs of spirit fire

A blaze that burns the sand to glass

That I see through the desert desire


© Billy Charles Root

The Hyde I Hide

Excerpt from the book The Hyde I Hide

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Billy RootAbout the Author

Billy Charles Root was born October 21, 1975, in San Bernardino California and was for the most part raised by my father In Rialto and Apple Valley California. In 1995 I moved to Oklahoma where my wife Tina and I have nine children combined and 3 grandchildren. I have been a professional automotive technician for twenty years now and I still am for the United States postal service.

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