In the Moment by Tracy Seiden


She lived in a collection of moments, reaching back to sew the darkening, cold and frayed edges of fragments past to the white hot light of the present. Looking back to brilliant flashes of childhood, past love when it was good, places of peace where she felt safe, somehow too blinded by the light of – now.

There were those who lived wholly in the present, their memories just starlight and breezes ruffling the leaves as they roamed like gypsies, fluid as the time they moved through, holding the moment long enough to see it, then gone to the next.

She envied those who could move so easily through existence, those who could jump into the future as it became the present and let it glide through their fingers into the past.

And so she fought to feel the fabric of her life, to memorize the threads and take what mattered and let the rest go. She let the weight of trying to hold those two worlds together go, closed her eyes, and jumped.


© Tracy Seiden

Stardust and Fire







Excerpt from the book “Stardust and Fire – Tales of a Hopeful Romantic”

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About the Author

Tracy Seiden lives in Texas.  She works in disaster assistance helping others regain their homes after disasters such as flooding and hurricanes.  Her desire is to retire to live in a cabin by the water somewhere, able to look out over the water and write.

Her first book, Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic was published in November of 2015 and has received excellent reviews and won the honorable award at Readers Favorite.  Tracy’s second book of poems delves deeper into thoughts of love and loss.

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