Skin Deep by Tamsen Grace


Skin deep,

get under my skin

to see me,

knee-deep in this insanity,

beauty makes us weep.


must have thick skin,

the epitome of beauty

is said to be stick thin,

the price we pay is steep.


Shattered dreams,

lives ripped apart

at the seams.

We waste away,

no respite,

only beauty sleep.


© Tamsen Grace


Excerpt from the book Dismantling Cinderella

Dismantaling Cinderella










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Tamsen Grace2

About the Author

Tamsen Grace is a published poet, a Ford Model of Courage and a cancer survivor. She has been published in many anthologies, magazines and online poetry sites. She has two poetry books Skeletons in My Closet  and Dismantling Cinderella both published by Creative Talents Unleashed.

Tamsen Grace lives in the Midwest with her children. She enjoys reading, writing, biking and teaching children Martial Arts.

Visit Tamsen’s Author Page At

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