Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday


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Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday – use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Smell the Roses

    Got your flame snuffed from wind’s stride
    and weary from carrying wicker baskets
    weighed with anxiety of a life of strife?

    Got stuck between a rock and a hard place
    and interred under debris of miss-aims
    stacked high, obscuring the havens?

    Got lost as a tern in despair, so far from stead
    and shivering endlessly from the cold and wet,
    every nook and cranny: loneliness, dread?

    Got a hectic, restless life: acquiring all that’s fleeting
    and then betrayed, neglected then ostracized
    misunderstood or under-appreciated?

    Rolling stones don’t ever gather any birds in hand.
    Possessions, a true life never can grant.
    So, while busy making a living, remember:
    life is for living!


    © Sarote Erasito … April 2018


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