Lopsided Within My Lean – Collaboration


Sometimes I’m lopsided,

Unsure of which way to lean,

Is it my weight that you will carry?

As the unclear becomes seen…


Pressure explodes, turning all into pain…

Directing me to explore alternatives

Finding myself in complete anguish,

Having no choice in being more assertive


I’m climaxing within this wind

Which is full of bad vibes

And I can’t ignore these feelings,

Nor can I keep on within my oblige


I’m fighting away the darkness,

Which creeps up my back to cripple

And I cannot relieve the pain,

That keep stirring up these ripples


I’m one foot out the door,

But I just can’t seem to leave…

My heart is glued to yours,

And it’s the love I’m trying to retrieve…


But I can’t keep on feeling this way,

Like love is being sucked from me

And I just can’t keep on breathing this way…

Feeling unsure of which way to lean


My insides are feeling all hollowed out

Yes, I’ve been tossed aside before     

But this time is different it’s a drought

 My heart is wilting, dried up to the core.


I listen intently for any reason to stay

There are only lies on top of lies

What we had ripe fruit rots, and fades away

I take comfort in the mold that slowly dies.


How it lingers to survive, but untimely croaks!

This now how it feels holding your photograph,

The fire is dead, it no longer sparks smokes

And your old love letters read like an epitaph.


Love hearts and kisses engraved on a tomb,

I ask myself which way you lean

But plain as day there’s nothing to exhume

All I need now, a match and some gasoline.


I ask myself which way I lean

Finding myself with one foot still in the door

Vying this darkness back into its ravine

I, wanting you back once more.


I made bold

My intents,

Questions came;

I whisper them

In dreams,

They call me sick;

I share them

In grief,

They mock me.

So I kept quiet

Let them into chambers

Of conceit and insolence.


Read me

If you can

Or see my lines

If they can help;

I will see beyond


Though I reside

Under your heel



Broken and defeated.

You will not keep me down.

I will rise from your oppression,

from your drought.

I will seek out new pastures,

drink from the well of love, and

I will be set free.

I will abandon your desert of rejection.

Your uncaring touch, barren of emotion.

I will crawl on hands and knees, till

rain falls upon my broken body.

I will soak up my tears.

Hydrating my tissues and cells.

I will rise once more and leave you

Burning in the sands of bitterness.


My heart will flow freely from gaps unable to be plugged.

I have prayed feverishly for you

to baptize yourself in the pureness of my confessions.

But alas, you remain dry.

I am terrified at how seamless you turn emotions



On and off like a faucet.

Flowing hot one moment and cold the next.

You bathe your ego in my wanting,

leaving me dirty with regret.


© Elle McLin, Mark Andrew Heathcote, Dagu Shangevlumun, Amanda J. Evans, Amy Noble

Excerpt from the book Fire and Ice

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

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Fire and Ice

Foreword . . .

Many moons ago I realized the power of words and how they can accurately describe the nuances of emotion. They can take a person to the highest highs, and just as easily, that person can plummet into nothingness…. just by words. It is fascinating how perception and illusion rule our lives. What others fail to see is that for some, once the words are out there… the bleeding stops a little bit more… Those words are just part of us…And that is the beauty of it.

Fire and Ice is a collection of connections based on perceptions. It is person after person, reading, relating, and then reaching out to others through words. Connection…  is really what it is all about that.

I am honored to invite you inside the minds of people just like you. All their hopes, dreams, and disasters are here within the pages of this book.

Lyne Beringer, author of Alaskan Vogue

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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