Taurus By Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

Resiliently obstinate

Obdurate beast.

Stubbornly stomping on negativity

With an optimist stride

Holding my head up high

With a strongly erected spine

Emanating a humble pride

Pointing my thorny horns

Up to the sky.


Resiliently obstinate

Obdurate beast.

Stubbornly soaring northeast

While I glide

Through the open fields

Rejoicing among the succulent feast

That awaits in the highlands

Hiding inner tranquility

And spiritual divinity.


Resiliently obstinate

Obdurate beast.

Stubbornly well-grounded

Yet genetically bounded to resemble

Peaceful loyalty

To mother earth

And unfaltering allegiance

To my

Peruvian royalty.


© Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

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PieroAbout the Author

Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla is a theatrical poet, medical interpreter and a multilingual educator from Lima, Peru. He was raised in an artistic world, due to his parents’ involvement in the fields of Dramatic Arts, Painting, Screen-Writing and TV Production. In 2014, Piero moved to Washington D.C. where he discovered his passion for Spoken Word Poetry and Motivational Speaking. Piero uses poetry as therapeutic tool to heal, provoke inspiration and arise feelings of cathartic joy to audiences across the globe. He mostly writes about self-help, touching upon the concepts of gratitude, optimism and interracial relations in the form of satire. He is a holistic and energetic artist who intends to raise awareness with his spiritual approach.

Visit Piero’s Author Page at: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/piero-sarmiento-alosilla-.html

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