Month: February 2019

Understanding by Markus Fleischmann

  Spirit perception is to see imperfection Flawless acceptance of flawed attractions Soul’s correction of heart’s projection Self-illumination of darkened abominations Following misdirection nurturing insecurities Birth of mind’s impurities Theft of tranquility from hands of morality Shattered life’s equity with… Read More ›

DEPRESSION by Krista Vowell Clark

Despicable defiant deranged  demoralized diabolical darkness Excessive emotional eccentric earthshaking euphoric exhaustion Passionate polyunsaturated painstaking pathetic powerless pandemonium Rambunctious radioactive rattle-brained repetitive raging renegade Extravagant enthusiastic elaborately exposed envious effervescence Scintillating sarcastic smoldering sculpturesquely Sobering subconscious Secret secluded semi-abstract shattered… Read More ›