Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday



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Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Publishing Opportunity: At the end of every year we will publish an anthology using our daily inspiration calls. Want to participate? Simply write your interpretation of the photo that inspires you and share it in the comment section of the original post right here on our blog. You will be notified here also, should your work be chosen for inclusion in the publication. We donate 100% of all proceeds from our anthologies to the Starving Artist Fund. For more details visit our site.

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  1. Returning Home

    A man fell to earth
    From the heavens above

    He was desperate to rejoin
    His alien friends

    He walks to a field
    On the edge of town

    With his new found
    Earth girlfriend

    After eating a delicious picnic lunch
    He confesses to her

    I am not originally from around here
    I am from out there pointing to the stars

    He tells her
    That he had to go home
    And she could go with him
    If she chose to leave the earth

    She stares at him
    And he pulls out
    Stars and starts juggling them
    Summoning up his alien brothers

    Soon a ship appears above them
    And he and his girlfriend
    Are taken aboard
    And the alien visitor

    Leaves the earth behind
    He tells her that the earth
    Had been declared off limits
    As the people on earth

    Were all insane creatures
    Fill with cosmic delusions
    Violence, lust and dangerous
    To themselves and others

    She smiles to her self
    Wondering what sort of adventure
    She would have being the first woman
    To leave the planet behind



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