It’s Complicated by Debra McLain

Thoughts of him cause a sensory explosion;
as his energy drifts across the distance.
My brain detonates; leaving a vacant space;
the heart attempts to blocks its existence.

Follow my head; or follow my heart?
There are complications that arise.
With the brain, I know the consequences;
the heart tells me, our love will never die.


© Debra McLain

Debra Front Cover

Excerpt from the book “Silhouettes Of My Soul”

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

Debra McLain

About the Author

Debra McLain resides in California. She is mother to two daughters and three granddaughters. She works in agriculture, although her passion is in writing. Her dream is to publish a best seller regarding her twenty-eight year battle with an eating disorder and the spiritual awakening that followed.

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