Missing Someone by Hannah Allen

Missing someone is a grand thing,

You awake in morning,

And there they sit,

On your brain

Through the day,

No spoken words,

Then at night,

They watch you from afar,

And follow behind you

Into a deep dream,

And you dance.


They’ll make your heart

Into a throne

And claim it,

At red lights you’ll wait

And stare,

Out blank windows you’ll wait

And stare,

Into a space

Where time is just

A rubber band.


They’ll inspire a beautiful song,

Manifest the mysterious,

Give evidence to what’s eternal,

Make you real.


What a terrible day it would be

If I didn’t miss someone dear.


© Hannah Allen

A New City Front Cover

Excerpt from the book “A New City”

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About the Author

I grew up in a small town in Florida where I currently live. A pretty normal 90’s childhood. The youngest of three. A proud Aunt. A current college graduate figuring it all out. I’ve always enjoyed writing and songwriting. A big fan of 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll helped guide me towards my love for poetry. I look forward to the many adventures ahead.

Visit Hannah’s Author Page At:

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