by Jill N. Pontiere

You awake in the morning, look into the mirror

The lady staring back at you looks different

This morning you notice the changes, they crept in

overnight while you slept, something is missing

You feel invisible


Your coffee cup in your hand, you lay back on your

pillows and begin your morning surf

Not on a wave, but on a silly little electronic pad

After a while you aimlessly wander to your closet

Find something to wear

Heading out the door to the gym, grocery store, and lunch with a friend


At lunch you exchange the usual conversation

People of all ages are coming and going

As you look across the room you see younger people watching each other, engaged in laughter, conversation, flirting, and touching.

Again, you feel invisible

When did your younger self leave you?


Right then and there, you refuse to be invisible; you reinvent yourself

You open your arms to embrace life and try something new

Most importantly, you believe in yourself

and you are no longer, inVISIBLE


© Jill N. Pontiere

Lost and Found

Excerpt from the book Lost and Found

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Now available at CTU Publishing Group and

2 About the Author

Never stop learning is Ms. Jill Pontiere’s credo. Writing is just one of the many ways she expresses herself. Her love of art, music, photography, travel, and nature, afford her an enriched life. In addition to her writing, she is currently learning to play the guitar.

Her creative nature has been her solace throughout her life.

Retirement has opened up many opportunities for new adventures and afforded her more time to spend with family and friends.

Visit Jill’s Author Page At:

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