Dear Aunt Betty by Maggie Mae


Death holds no fear for you

You walked in the light

With an open heart

Spreading love and kindness

All the days of your life

You lived through many changes

War and peace

Prosperity and oppression

Birth and death

So many things your eyes have seen

So many stories to share

I wish we could have heard them all

Before the lord called you home

Now you are in his loving arms

We will wait to see you again

Hold your memory as the treasure it is

In our now heavy hearts

They will lighten in time

With the lords love


© Maggie Mae


Excerpt from the book From The Moon To The Sea

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

maggie-maeAbout the Author

Maggie Mae Carter was raised in Florida and is now living in Southeast Virginia.  She has always been into art and started writing poetry regularly in 2010.  She has recently added photography to her list of creative outlets.

Trying to find peace in this chaotic world by sharing her words and visions, she hopes you will find a piece that speaks to your soul.  From the Moon to the Sea is her first book and she hopes that you will enjoy reading it as much as she did writing it.

Visit Maggie’s Author Page At:

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