Don’t Worry By Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

There is always a plenty of reasons to

Amplify and magnify

The magnitude

Of our own life problems;

To the point of becoming identified

And immensely immersed,

Into negativity.

A poisonous acidity

That can easily percolate

Into different ramifications

Of our own short lives

If we are easily caught off guard.


And this is mainly because

Being a pessimist

Doesn’t take much of an effort

Ladies and Gentlemen.


What is wrong is always going to be



For us to label

Into some sort of short-sighted

Detrimental fable.

Which in the moment

It might seem like the right thing to do,

Don’t get me wrong

We have all been there before!

But in retrospective,

Is just fatal

For the soul to be draining its vitality

And sense of morality


On anything

That deviates us

From savoring this delightful rollercoaster ride

That we all so-call life!


Because there is uniqueness

In our own existence

Just like there is hidden blissfulness

Disguised as sickness, setbacks, and failures

Because sometimes these are meant to happen!

To thicken our skin and test our resilience.

Because life doesn’t happen at our own

Phase nor convenience.

Regardless of how

Pre-planned, pre-determined, or pre-calculated

As we might want it to be…


Shit happens!


Is just a matter of how we react

To unpredictability.

Positivity or negativity,

Only one of them has the proclivity

To launch us into divinity,

And as long as we don’t force

The flow of life

With reckless impulsivity,

I assure you that the universe

Will caress our souls

And treat us nicely.

So don’t worry

Just choose wisely

Because everything is going to be alright.


© Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla

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PieroAbout the Author

Piero G. Sarmiento Alosilla is a theatrical poet, medical interpreter and a multilingual educator from Lima, Peru. He was raised in an artistic world, due to his parents’ involvement in the fields of Dramatic Arts, Painting, Screen-Writing and TV Production. In 2014, Piero moved to Washington D.C. where he discovered his passion for Spoken Word Poetry and Motivational Speaking. Piero uses poetry as therapeutic tool to heal, provoke inspiration and arise feelings of cathartic joy to audiences across the globe. He mostly writes about self-help, touching upon the concepts of gratitude, optimism and interracial relations in the form of satire. He is a holistic and energetic artist who intends to raise awareness with his spiritual approach.

Visit Piero’s Author Page at:

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