Inspiration Call: Found Poetry


Inspiration Call: Found Poetry

“Found” poetry is a type of poetry that takes existing texts and reforms, reshapes, and reimagines them as poems It is a literary equivalent of “collage”; you are making or creating a poem out of other found texts Examples of other texts: newspaper articles, advertisements, song lyrics, speeches, street signs, billboards, etc. 

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  1. Your erasures always reveal something new


  2. The donor class turns on the chaos President
    a Microsoft dictation found poem

    The donor class
    How is Rich
    Gonna stay there

    public and party
    and to the Democratic Party

    Are at one point
    Some point soon

    You gonna be tired
    Of the Donald Trump reality show

    And I am sure
    that they will sit down

    I decide and bet
    Donald Trump is just too much
    of a liability for them

    Sure, he was able to get them
    tax cuts and regulatory reform
    But going forward
    Evil beacon sound
    Whether it’s legal battles

    because the donor class
    knows Donald Trump

    And they know it
    let me know
    he doesn’t know what he’s doing

    grave damage grave damage
    Craven damage

    To today’s bottom line
    As they have lost money
    now and it’s personal

    So you don’t like it
    Las is going to get together

    And give Donald Trump the boot
    That is my prediction


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