Unfurled by Adam Levon Brown

Fighting for political and economic equality is hard

I’m facing federal incarceration for simply being a bard

I fear not the isolation or the metal bars

I fear that things will not change under the stars


I speak truth to power in hopes that things will change

The government wants to use my picture

in their firing range

Rebellion and civil disobedience are the tactics

for a better life


While I’m busy organizing protests,

they’re sharpening the knife

Violence is their only tool and it doesn’t work very well

All it does is put people through a government aided hell


We can overcome their ways if we utilize peace

in this venture I will never cease

They are only set up to deal with rage filled assault

They are paid off and set up,

make no mistake it isn’t their fault


Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”


Let us become revolutionaries;

Ships with our sails unfurled,

With our backs to the wind

we can withstand this political hurricane …


Non-violent protest is the tool, it is the authoritarian’s bane.


© Adam Levon Brown

Adam Brown book

Excerpt from the book “Musings of a Madman”

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About the Author

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. His writing will transport you to another space where you won’t want to leave.

Adam Levon Brown burst through the door of contemporary poetry in early 2015 after being diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He used writing as a tool for catharsis and eventually started submitting his poems to journals and magazines. Now an established poet with dozens of publications, a fiction novella, and two full collections of poetry out, he plans to take the poetry world by storm.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/adam-levon-brown-.html

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