Home Invasion by Justin R. Hart

A window of the world just lies in your den

projecting a point of view,

a notion of news with truth framed by a box

in an home invasion,

selling the medium of media fortune,

telling a story of highs and lows

of reality warping a future limited by time,

ad hearing to an advertised agenda,

an angle driven by deception,

biased by image, delivered by a reporter

sitting straight, jacketed with tie

and shirt, free pressed over

a voice for what we should believe,

testing patterns for ratings to beat the competition.

Fear and sex sells to satiate your desire

to be informed of your want

to be informed of your need.

Does the end justify the means

or is it mean to justify the end?

Is it a crime or just our perception of the extra ordinary?

Is it a reflection of society

or a fun-house mirror of distortion for profit?

Are you watching close enough

to tell a vision?


© Justin R. Hart

The Dawn of Pondering Passions

Excerpt from the book The Dawn of Pondering Passions

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

Justin HartAbout the Author

As a child, poetry gave Justin Hart his voice. Since then, he developed his style, enveloping traditional symbolism, using nature to relate possibilities deeper than the literal level, offering more than imaginative stories to relay desire, belief, and purpose.

Some of Justin’s early inspirations came from the naturally simplistic, yet symbolic writings of Robert Frost, along with the depth of Khalil Gibran and with the wisdom of the woods through Henry David Thoreau. Ultimately, Justin is inspired by the Eternal Light around us. Many of his poems have been created through channeling this Divine Energy.

Visit Justin’s Author Page At www.ctupublishinggroup.com/justin-r.-hart.html

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