Inspiration Call: Be like the sun


Inspiration Call: Be like the sun

Without the sun we could not survive. What does this bright star mean to you? How does your light shine? Give us some metaphorical poetry about our sun.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. The Sun Rises on the Last Man on Earth

    The sun rose high in the sky
    On the last day of the world
    The sunlight filled the sky
    And the last man on earth
    Woke up

    And realized that today
    Would be his last day on earth

    He looked at the sun
    And smiled

    And warmed himself
    As the sun rose
    In the sky

    And he walked out
    Into the parched
    dried burned out land

    where nothing grew any more
    where global climate changed
    had destroyed the world
    turning everything into a dessert
    He started walking in search of water
    And food

    And walked miles
    In the hot deserted world

    Dreaming of the past world
    And wondering if the sun would rise
    The next day

    As this would surely be his last day on earth
    As he lay down to die

    The sun smiled at him
    And granted him

    One more day
    In the world
    One more chance to live

    And the sun set
    And the night began

    And the man slept
    And woke up

    The sun came up
    And he was alive
    But the world remained dead


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