Story of a Girl by Elizabeth Daniel


Grew up on the rough side of things,

Streets with potholes,

Very little traffic,

Unless you count the clippity-clop of hooves beating down pavement,

Blended in well with the sounds of random violence,

Don’t have to be from New York or some other city,

To learn the routine early on,

On our road,

My driveway was the drop off it seemed,

Every horrible deed,

They would stumble upon gravel and land on our concrete,

Nights I’d hide with little brother in tow,

Red and blue lights flickering,

Our nightlight,


Many from back then are now passed on,


It’s all about choices made,

Our dilapidated house,

No indoor plumbing,

Three channels of snow on T.V,

We persevered in that house,

Was nursed after surgeries,

Dodged alcoholic domestic abuse,

Broken family tree,

The branches I grew to rely on,

My mom and siblings,

Didn’t have much of anything,

Money was few and far in-between,

But it was in that place,

Toys for tots,

I realized what being blessed means,

Now years have since flown by,

Sometimes the pain is very real,

Especially when driving by,

However, since those days,

I had the honor to know how it felt to be loved by a real father,

For almost 11 years,

One who truly respected my mother,

No finances are still not great,

But we don’t have outhouses,

And though sometimes we might complain,

Food is on our plates,

Warm beds catch our dreaming heads,

Yes, for growing up on the wrong side of things,

We have our moments,

But at 34,

I’m a survivor.


© Elizabeth Daniel


Excerpt from Diary of a Poet

$10.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and


About the Author

From a very young age, Elizabeth knew she was meant to be a writer. Around 8 or so, she started with little poems inside birthday cards. As years went by, poetry became her safe haven in a world full of chaos and beauty. Through written words, she found her voice. A voice according to doctors, she was never supposed to have. Today at 34, she still re- reads those poems from the early days. Now housed on her bookshelf in old binders.

Visit Elizabeth’s Author Page At:

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