Chancing by Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin


If I knew how to love any other way,

Would I instill in myself another’s reaction to love’s action?

Would I create a balance between art and mathematics…?

Would love to become a study rather than a sculpture of mankind fusing?

Would it be divisions and multiplications, addition and subtraction of hesitation?

I don’t know!


Could love ever to be defined? And if so, it’s redefining every day

In love, I want to become the clay…

Mold me!

Make bold of my heart!

Bravery is the only way love can start…

And even greater courage is needed for a restart


If I knew beforehand that the pain secedes,

Would I trust my instinct and proceed?

Or take heed?

Yet continue cautiously because love is not a want, but a need




If I knew that doubt could erase promises

Heartache could injure souls,

While precious memories of euphoria take hold of me…


Would that still make bold of me?

Could I trust myself to feelings?


Love can never be under new management,

Because love can never be managed… yet it can damage

In love, you must succumb…


To experience it



You should allow it to be

Love is powerful, within its own desires, it receives

In the palest moon of night, it deceives…

And ever so trusting, it believes


If I knew that I could dangle my legs a little,

Allow them to grow numb until a deciding factor…

Maybe I would jump that fence

As I continue to try to make sense, of love…

I reach incompetence


I guess my perception will always be unsure

I can get my feet wet at the shorelines,

While making pretty hearts in the sand

Or take a chance off land, and ride the waves

With a possibility of a wipeout

But all in all, that is what love is about

Having some doubt…yet,

Chancing because we never know for sure!


© Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin

Beyond Nursery Rhymes










Excerpt from the book Beyond Nursery Rhymes; Real Life Tales

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Elle About the Author

Recreational writing began for this author at the age of 9 in journal formatting.  Her creativeness was sparked in Middle school during a notable visit to the library with her best friend. With an outdated range of selections, she instantly identified with the poets’ generations before her; she had found her outlet. While facing great personal difficulties, Elle treated poetry as a feel-good remedy to her melancholic episodes. This would become freeing to a young and timid adolescent, as she discovered her voice. Writing would become a soother and her pen, a microphone to express her challenges.

Visit Elle’s Author Page At

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