Inspiration Call: write a poem that appreciates these lonely items


Inspiration Call: Poetry is an act of appreciation. With our increasingly busy schedules, we lose our ability to appreciate. Poets must resist the modern temptation to overlook what holds meaning in our lives. Identify something in your surroundings—a rusted hoe draped in spider webs, an unfashionable dress abandoned by time, a wine cork buried in a drawer of unpaid bills—and write a poem that appreciates these lonely items.

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  1. Don’t get too sentimental
    That will make it hard
    Thinking about the good times
    Is all that we ask
    You need to leave and move on
    We have loved you then
    And will continue to love
    Will you write to us
    Just so we can keep in touch?
    Will you call us, too?
    All of our months and years here
    In the freezing cold
    You have remainded here with us
    We heard your stomach
    Growling in hunger and fear
    You will be so missed
    But our rummage sale is soon
    We will get fresh air
    We will be dusted and shined
    We will get new homes
    And you can start life over
    Oh, now don’t you start
    There aren’t any tissues near
    Beat it, scram, just go
    Our memories will shine, glow
    The taxicab is honking
    Time for you to fly away


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