Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com



She tucked him into the pleats of her being,
Enfolding his existence within her own flesh,
She curled her fingers around his misdeeds,
And then pulled them all out like old weeds,
She clung like a vine, around all his sad fears,
Strangling them tightly, until they all dropped,
She washed his sadness in her freshly wept tears,
And cleansed his heart, until all his woes stopped,
She planted kisses as seeds, upon his closed eyelids,
And they flowered, into his sleeping deep dreams,
She traced, with her finger, each flowing blue vein,
Knowing the secret pathways of his sacred blood,
She saw through his skin & the walls of his flesh,
And she knew of his mind, of his heart & his soul,
She enfolded this small being, this son of her womb,
Forever, with all of her life, & her very last breath.


Response to our Inspiration Call on November 17, 2017

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