Writer Highlight Featuring: Jan Ferrierr



Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


The Lost Ship (a true story)

The North West Passage is not there.
It is here,
quite near
to people they will never see
or hear.
An ice bier
will sink down into the pristine snow
and ice trails,
will hang from the frozen ropes and sails.
They will glow
in the moonlight
where the wolf wails
for lost souls.
Inuit sleighs will glide this way
and say
“A ghost ship is here”
but no one listens.
The ship moves under the ice
and rises as the ice plates move and grind
and no man can find
where she lies.
She glistens,
and the gaping, open fall locks
cling to air,
yearning for the lifeboats that are no longer there.
They are buried elsewhere
with the ship’s men….

© Jan Ferrierr

The corollary
sad to say….

Inuits lead expedition in the Twentieth Century and find The Lost Ship that sought The North West Passage.
They followed the directions of their ancestors to the grave of the ship. Inuits have a tradition of passing information on by word of mouth.
They say,
“A ghost ship is here
and low and behold she appears”


Response to our Inspiration Call on October 23, 2017

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