Inspiration Call: Life is about relationships . . .


Inspiration Call: Life is about relationships. As with everything in life, all relationships end for various reasons. Think about a relationship that you valued that has ended—a friend, a lover, a family member. Write a poem that encapsulates your sense of loss and appreciation and how this particular person impacted your life. The power of poetry transcends everything that ends.
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    I speak not of your name
    For you haven’t got any
    I took a thousand pictures
    But none with you in it
    For you are a being
    …That hadn’t seen the light of day
    Nor the dark of the moonless sky
    …That never showered in the rain
    Nor baked under the scorching heat of the sun
    Flowers in bloom
    Its scent to you unknown
    Sweet heavenly goodness of chocolates
    Not a taste bit your palate
    For you have chosen another path
    Besides living…
    Against existing…
    Out of my reach…
    Beyond anyone, everyone..
    Not even to none.

    But only I

    Would never stop feeling
    The warmth of your presence
    The fragrance of your essence
    Not even a thombstone was built
    To remember you by
    But I shall forget not
    The time when your heart
    Echoes the beat of mine
    From within the pit of my being
    My baby,
    The invisible part of me…
    I am with you
    Even now when you are gone
    Never to be seen nor touched
    Still and until
    Life is no more here
    And all ceased
    No one would care nor give a damn
    Who you were and still are

    But only I

    ©All Rights Reserved

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