Spotlight Poet: James F. Cunningham


Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders

Season of Plenty


Seems like the wind is always blowing

It makes the leaves fall from the trees

Soon beautiful colors will be showing

It makes everyday life feel so at ease.


The forest has become alike rainbow

There is a myriad of color everywhere

It’s Mother Nature’s most perfect show

Its beauty is truly beyond compare.


What a day to go hiking in the woods

The air feels refreshingly cool and crisp

Wishing you lived among the backwoods

In the air floats the dandelion wisps.


In a way, it is like walking in a dream

Seems like reality has slipped far away

Like your heart and soul feel redeemed

You are just enjoying nature’s display.


They used to call this the season of plenty

Because the harvests have all come in

Some still say it’s worth a pretty penny

Come on back and see it all again.


© James F. Cunningham


Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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