Writer Highlight Featuring: Spring Pitts


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


House From Hell


Go right ahead
Ring that bell
And knock at that door

Say who you are
You may hear a loud roar
Making you yell

Cause just remember
This is the house from hell
The horrors inside

Are where demons reside
And witches do hide
A place so bane

Making one go insane
Living on this drury lane
Enter in this house of sin

That is where it all begins
Feel the gloom
That dwells within

This pit of doom
Darkness and evil surely loom
So if you have the nerve

Go right on in
Feel all it’s sin
As it crawls upon your skin

For your torture has just began
If your lucky to get out with your life
Chances are you’ll be scarred for life

© Spring Pitts

Response to our Inspiration Call on August 29, 2017

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