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“Jeffery Martin is an amazing Poet and Activist. His selfless actions lend him to helping so many groups throughout Los Angeles. He serves the homeless community of Skid Row by offering Poetry and Art. He works with children that work through learning difficulties, and he is an Ambassador of Humanity! “

Los Angeles Poet Society, 2014


Poet, storyteller Jeffery Martin born in Long beach, Ca. he started writing as a means of escape from the unhappiness he felt. Over the years he has used words to both heal himself and touch others. The author of nine books (4 books of poetry, 3 children’s books, an inspirational book and a play), he uses life experiences as his inspiration behind what he shares with the world.

His latest book Jus Sayin’, is a highly motivational book, it will urge us to see the silver lining in all circumstances, viewing our hardships as valuable lessons, forgiving what we think to be unforgivable, being of service to humanity, especially our children.  Jeffery Martin has searched his soul, knows himself well; his only yardstick for measurement is his own.  The honesty of his spirit is felt throughout this beautiful book.  If you enjoy books such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Jeffery Martin has taken soul comfort to a new level, with a dash of hot sauce.  It is a book you will want to revisit time and again, seeking out beautiful words of wisdom, there is a passage there for every circumstance.

 Here are a few excerpts from Jeffery’s latest book Jus Sayin’


October 25, 2012

A smart person?

A talented person?

A rich person?

A well-known person?

Naw, y’all can give those titles to someone else.

I want to be known as a GOOD person!


December 23, 2012

Holidays can sometimes be a period of reflection. The significant things tend to mean more. The materialism pales in comparison to the warmth of places shared by loved ones. Although the merchants make it their priority to separate us from our hard- earned dollars, we turn the tables and make this season our own, reconnecting internally and with those who know us but love us anyway…

That is what is meant by the season of giving.


June 3, 2013

On some level maybe that cat living on the streets has things figured out. Maybe he understands that capitalism is a game that the poor play but the rich win. Maybe he hasn’t given up at all but instead, has made the decision to renounce the game as offensive to his intellect and anti-climactic to his pocket. Maybe this cat laughs at us as we run to and fro after middle-class aspirations that were never intended to be more than lifelong pursuits. Maybe this dude that dirties our sidewalks and sleeps on our park benches is a messenger, while ignored, with something to teach us. Maybe this cat wants us to slow down just enough to see that life isn’t supposed to be a constant hustle or years and years of barely getting by. Yes, he would be the first to tell you that sidewalks and benches don’t make for good beds, but in the same breath would inform you that neither do running after middle-class dreams, make for fulfilling lives.


July 12, 2013

The best advice I’ve ever received has come from people that society had labeled as outcasts, unwanted. Those supposedly in the know usually shared nothing, too busy getting more of the stuff they were not going to share. But you would be amazed how much can be learned from a prostitute who sees her child in your eyes or an old man in a homeless shelter or a schizophrenic who has moments of brilliance.

Before books truly latched on to me these were some of my teachers, and I truly feel like the luckiest man alive because of their lessons. If I am in any way exceptional, it is due to the many outsiders who took me INSIDE their hearts. Nameless? Maybe. But forgotten, never.


Sources Sited: Los Angeles Poet Society, 2014, Thapoet.com, Brenda-Lee Ranta

Jeffery Martin

About the Author

 Mr. Martin has been very active in community for some time, founding the theatre group B.E.H.O.L.D. for inner city youth in Rochester, New York, where youth were introduced to poetry, dance, martial arts, fencing, theater, drumming, clowning, acrobatics, art, ceramics and public speaking.  He believes that words can be a source of strength and healing, using his life as an example.  He is currently employed by Los Angeles Unified School District and works with children with special needs.

Visit Jeffery’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/jeffery-martin-.html

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