New Release “The Church of Poetry” by Author Christopher Allen Breidinger

The Church of Poetry Preface…

I’m beyond the realm of comprehension, as an extension of an invention, propelled to be held to a higher dimension, like a hyper-extension of the cosmos’s retention and all the contention of a space-time continuum convention. I’m as relevant as the elephant in a room with all the elements serving a stew of intelligence upon a spoon of development. I’m eloquent with my precedent. I’m intimate with my testament. I’m eminent with my requisite. I’m delegate to the indefinite.

So, if this is all just the creative thought of a divine creator then I declare this thought to be divinely created. I have been reinstated as the designated designator of the creator. In favor to never waver from this designation of emancipation, and provided with such liberation, that I am now the only known creation of creativity’s divination. These poems are the sermons that will eventually determine if the truth can ever be certain or will remain a ghostly curtain.

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