Introducing Tiffany Simone “Butterflies & Skin”

Butterflies & Skin

Foreword . . .

In this remarkably passionate collection of poetic musings, Tiffany Simone takes us on a thrilling roller coaster ride of emotions; ranging from love, desire, romance, lust, despair, hope, vulnerability, and everything in-between.


She is a master at getting to the core of your emotions in such a way that she is inside your head rummaging around in your feelings. She weaves your innermost thoughts into her decadent and sensual poetry, filling you with sensations of love, longing, and passion.

Simone’s words provide comfort for the hopeless romantic in you, knowing you are not alone in your feelings. Her words are beautifully heartfelt, and transform the ordinary into sheer magic!


N.R. Hart, Author of Poetry and Pearls

Book Description: ‘Butterflies and Skin’ is an invitation to a journey of sensuality, sultry and tactile pleasure.

A wonderful collection of short prosy and poetic pieces; Tiffany Simone speaks with raw honesty, unabashedly about her desire for love, her longings, her losses and painful path to finding herself.

This book is written for true romantics, who relish in the truth of laying themselves bare while in the pursuit of love.  There are moments of lyrical melancholy; there are also moments of pure firelit passion, delighting in carnal pleasure, without apology.

For anyone who has ever been hopelessly in love, has ever lost in love or reawakened by a new love, this is a book the reader will identify with.  Simone speaks with clarity, giving voice to our hidden thoughts of decadent pleasures.

A beautiful read to evoking secret passions…

Brenda-Lee Ranta, Author of Myriad of Perceptions & Allegories


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