Dedicated To The One I Love – Author Lyne Beringer


I’m trying to gather my wits

That’s if I have any left.

I’m feeling old, I’ve got a tired soul

I’ve lost some of the skip in my step

I have to be honest cause it’s all that I have

I’ll share it if you will ask

I need you to see who you’ve been loving

That isn’t the easiest task

Every day seems to get harder

Tears flow as I sit here and write

I don’t want to discuss who’s at fault

Everything’s not black or white

I see that we both do the talking

We both have to make ourselves heard

One must end up the winner

Anything less is absurd

No longer at the beginning

Possibly right at the edge

Complete and total extinction

If one or both of us hedge

So I’ll crawl into my bed

Cry some more tears for the loss

If a wand could make it all better

I’d wave it and spare you the cost

If we end before we are finished

Put the horse in back of the cart

Just know that always I love you

I’ve been loving you right from the start


©  Lyne Beringer


Excerpt from the book “Alaskan Vogue”

BeFunkyPhotoAbout the Author

I never thought the word “writer” would be used to describe me and the thoughts that tumble out of my head onto paper. It’s a new me, giving away words all neatly packaged up in rhyme.

 I have lived in the interior of Alaska off and on for nearly twenty years. Alaska gets in your blood. It lures you in then takes your soul hostage, becoming part of who you are, who you become. Every summer, the days are warm, long, and inviting. Tourists descend in droves, racing toward the next adventure, and a rich, colorful history provides plenty of businesses with trinkets to sell the Alaskan nostalgia.  Anything seems possible when you are standing outside at midnight and the stars are nowhere to be found. That is until winter rolls back around.

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