Writer Highlight Featuring: Kent Rucker


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


Sanctuary Walls

Herding sheep all day drives me batty as a loon
Warm winds, please, whistle me a familiar tune
Through the trees like an angel with her harp
Let me hear the highs and lows nice and sharp

Feel their fine wool in these toughened hands
Feel my tender love for these hardened lands
Have you ever seen skies with blue so blue?
I know I’m biased but do you see it too?

If these walls could talk, the pain they have seen
But also the joy and everything in between
There’s a worn cross hanging on the doorjamb
A reminder to always pray to the great I Am

There’s bloodstains seeped deep on the floor
Been there forever and there probably be more
Life has been lived here and death has made its call
These walls have always stood a silent witness to it all

When the sheep are down and the shepherd is in
These walls become his sanctuary, his safe haven
Flames reflect of the walls provide warming heat
Drifting away, relaxed from head to feet

Dreams float in from faraway yesteryears
Of children’s laughter, of cries and tears
The patter of feet across the heavy oaken floor
Smiling in his dreams, the shepherd snores

We all need our own haven, a safe nest
In which to completely relax and rest
In the warmth of a safe sanctuary
Put aside everything else and just be


© Kent “The Ruckster” Rucker

Response to our Inspiration Call on May 5, 2017

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